Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

chemical formula ( C2 H4 Cl2 )n
chemical formation Resin & Compound
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An important thermoplastic, C-PVC is used across a variety of industries from commercial to residential water piping systems. Moreover, it is significantly more ductile, allowing greater flexure as well as, crush and corrosion resistance which makes it a viable candidate to replace many types of metal pipes.

It is also more workable than PVC, allowing it to be used for a multitude of applications and manufacturing requirements.

product description

C-PVC is produced as a white resin in the form pellets or a powder. And while it shares most of its physical properties with PVC, it Is also readily workable including, machining, welding and forming as well as exhibiting fire retardant properties.

Input PVC Resin
& Chlorine
output CPVC Resin

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