Social Responsibility & Ethical Commitment

Our values underscore our duty to the environment and society. We are not just onlookers but duty-bound to participate and be part of solutions.

To quote our Founder Chairman, the late Padma Bhushan Sahu Shriyans Prasad Jain,

" "Do not forget your social obligation.
Keep a portion of your earnings for society.""

Our Responsibility to Society

Our CSR initiatives have aimed to empower our rural communities with improvements in infrastructure, investments in water and agricultural welfare, provisions of health and safety resources during Covid-19, and the enrichment of educational and communal ecosystems for the next generation.

From desilting initiatives to aiding in the protection of natural resources through the formation of earthen bunds, we are actively involved in improving livelihoods and nurturing a culture of sustainable agricultural protection.

We are driven by our principle of 4R’s;

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover as we conduct various awareness programs to encourage environmental consciousness. We are also involved in the green energy movement with our windmill project in Rajasthan. In addition, we conduct regular tree-planting drives, and are proud to have contributed towards the transition of Sahupuram complex into a green belt region.

The Covid-19 pandemic demanded proactive support and preventative care. Alongside the distribution of masks and donations of oxygen concentrators, we hosted comprehensive awareness campaigns among community members and school children on Covid-19 safety.
We further extended our support by providing disinfectant to all neighbouring villages.

Places to grow, play, and gather are vital to fostering positivity and a sense of belonging in our communities. DCW is part of translating this ideal into reality through improving resources that catalyse community enrichment; from hosting village sporting events to donating printers and computers to Kamalavati Higher Secondary School.

We are also part of ensuring better healthcare resources by providing regular eye check-ups. We are actively invested in improving the well-being of our community, and of our community members.

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