chemical formula ( -C2H3Cl- )n
chemical formation Resin
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PVC finds applications in the insulation of cables, in pipes & hoses, agricultural products, windows & profiles, flooring tiles used in the building industry, blister packaging, films & sheets, foamed leather cloth, curtains, tarpaulins and also medical use – for IV, blood bags, etc.

The versatility of its properties is such that new areas of application are being continuously developed.

product description

In Resin form, PVC is a white powder which is subject to thermal degradation. When combined judiciously with suitable plasticiers, stabilizers and lubricants, the material leads to easy processing for fabrication of various useful products.

Easy process-ability, high compatibility with plasticizers & stabilizers, excellent heat stability, high bulk density, uniform particle size and low volatile contents are some of the special characteristics.

Input Vinyl Chloride
output Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

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